Sexual health 

A positive approach to sex that is consensual and free of violence. It is not limited to the act of sex, but can include the health of the body parts that are involved in sexual activity. It also includes your emotional, mental, and physical health as it pertains to your sexuality.  (Source)



Refers to sex organs, particularly the ones on the outside of the body.


Sexual contact

Intentional touching of a person's private parts, including genitals or breasts. This can also include the intentional touching of the clothes immediately covering their private parts, however skin to skin contact is almost always necessary to become infected with an STI.


Sexually active

Engaging in vaginal, anal, or oral sex, either currently or in the recent past.


Oral Sex

Stimulating one's genitals by using the tongue or mouth.  (Source)



A social construct generally understood to mean that a person has never had consensual sexual contact.





Some words and phrases about sexual health can be confusing, so we hope to define that here to prevent the spread of misinformation.